Neurotypical Trolls

angry bear2My wife joined the discussion about neurotypicals and parenting autistic children (you can read my blog on that discussion here:

“Neurotypical PhD, how is that (have many ppl have here kids) in any way related?
I don’t have any pets, but I will not shut up about people abusing their pets.
I have never been pregnant, but I will not shut up about abortion rights.
I haven’t been shot at, I don’t own guns, I have never gone on gun violence rampage, but I will not shut up about gun violence.
People don’t need to have children to say child abuse is child abuse.
People don’t need to have autistic children to say child abuse is child abuse.

And I will not call a child abuser a lady, however justified she and you and all the other NNs think she is in her abuse.

None of us is in her shoes. Doesn’t make it OK for her to treat her son like that.

I wish you had more compassion for the child than to the mother. I assume you identify yourself with her. We identify ourselves with the child.
You might be totally OK with being dragged on a leash on streets, I am not. So I refuse to be OK with anyone else being dragged on a leash.
I also care more about the child’s opinion than the mother’s opinion. I think the possible victim’s opinion on whether he is a victim or not is more important than the perpetrator’s.
And I’m pretty sure we all read the article. We aren’t reacting on the photo. We are reacting on what the mother said.

You say it’s hard to be a parent. It’s even harder to be a child.
You say it’s harder to parent an autistic child. I say it’s even harder to be an autistic child.
Adults have other adults to talk with. The child has no-one. Severely autistic children might never have anyone to talk to, they might not even be able to talk.
Have you ever tried to imagine what it is like to not be able to express yourself? I don’t think so.

The best way to understand a non-verbal autistic person is to listen to a verbal autistic person, not some non-autistic “expert”, who keeps repeating idiotic dogma like “autistic people have no compassion or feelings”, “autistic people cannot put themselves in other people’s shoes” or other such crap.
We all know those people exist. Temple Grandin’s mother knew they exist. She chose to listen to her sense and raise the girl as any child. Tell your friends this:

Being a parent of an autistic child is like being a parent to ANY child.

You get your children as babies so that you learn to parent them.
You listen to them. You observe them. You learn to read their body language. You learn what makes them tick. You learn what calms them down. You learn what they like and what they don’t like. You learn how sensitive they are.

Babies aren’t verbal either. Do you drag them, too, if they scream when you pick them up? Probably you would.
I mean, it is common sense that you don’t drag children anywhere! Getting upset about it is sane and normal. Not “judging”.

Also, if you really cared about kids and getting help, you wouldn’t mind the way the help is offered. But, apparently, it’s more important to be right than to be happy. After all, this mother whines about being judged, not asking for solutions.

My solution is to let the boy stay away from situations he obviously finds stressful. Come on. It’s not rocket science.

This mother got herself pregnant and she chose not to abort the pregnancy. She is voluntarily in the situation she is in. Let her “man up” and stop whining and finding excuses and “defending” herself against deserved critique.

And you, too. Yes, you are whining. “I’m being attacked” “you need to express yourself less aggressive”, whine whine whine.

Why should we sugarcoat our advice to make it easier for you to swallow? It’s your NN privilege you need to swallow.

to which this neurotypical troll responded with the following video – no i cannot show it here i am on a free plan for WordPress – then she followed up with this little gif and finally she posted this Mike Myers gif.

so just your garden variety neurotypical troll. it is a my wife said – whether any of us have kids or not is totally irrelevant – we can still consider child abuse abominable and abhorrent. it is these kinds of people who not only condone abuse of autistic children and adults, but perpetuate it and celebrate it.

i am sure this piece of garbage is sitting somewhere feeling really smug and satisfied with herself for having ‘told a bunch of retarded mental cases off’- one of them her own cousin.



~ by Henric C. Jensen on April 2, 2018.

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